About us

  • We are engaged in the development, updating and maintenance of websites and e-shops.
  • We install content management systems and their plugins (“PrestaShop”, “WordPress” / “WooCommerce”).
  • We maintain websites for 24 hours / 7 days, creating backups.
  • We do optimization (SEO), add Meta tags, create a sitemap, optimize photos…
  • We are implementing a new accounting software “B1”, which automatically receives data from the site and counts everything.
  • We provide email migration and recovery services, and we change email application setup configurations.
  • We help with registration or transfer of domains, changing the contact information of the domain owners.


Why choose us?

  • We carry out our work with high quality and integrity, and we guarantee all our work.
  • We offer the most popular and best content management systems for which there are continual free updates.
  • We always provide free advice to those customers who have set up a website or e-shop.
  • We communicate with customers by email, phone, “FaceTime”, “TeamViewer” and “Zoom”, and if necessary, we go to the customer.
  • We are open every day: 10am – 10pm, so if you need consultation or urgent programming, we will be available on weekends as well.
  • For customers who have ordered constant care, we maintain their important sites for 24 hours / 7 days, so both ecommerce and other important websites running are assured all time.
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